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Amidst a tide of domestic chaos I try to shoot beautiful, authentic photographs of my children. I offer my clients an equally genuine, fun and memorable experience.


I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my tall, bushy-bearded husband and two (mercifully unbearded) children. I’m a fan of funny people, diet coke, wine and chocolate - not necessarily in that order. I swear more than is ladylike and I’m 65% composed of cheese and carbs.

I have degrees in psychology, film & television, which coupled with a decade in television brand building means my work is uniquely narrative driven.

I have an unwavering belief in the power of storytelling. What’s more, I believe that real stories beat perfect ones every damn day of the week. 

I’m a proud Click Pro with Clickinmoms, Instructor at Gather Academy and have been published across Click Magazine, NZ DPhoto, National Geographic YourShot and more.


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Creating genuine, emotive imagery that feels natural is about so much more than posing and perfect smiles. The experience is everything when it comes to relaxing the people in front of your lens. Capturing authentic emotion and connection requires forethought, direction, patience, and an ability to read your subject and adjust on the fly. In this guide you’ll learn how to elicit genuine emotion from your subjects (be that your own family or a client). You’ll see how I use playfulness, laughter and thoughtful interaction to bring genuine personality to the fore. I’ll show you how I collaborate with my own kids to create authentic storytelling imagery that captures their personalities and moods. When it comes to client lifestyle sessions making your subjects comfortable around the camera can be tricky – especially when you’re already juggling lighting and the unknowns of client homes! I’ll give you a range of prompts that you can employ to quickly get the most from a client. As a cherry on the top you’ll learn how to use other visual elements like colour, processing or light to enhance the mood you’ve captured.

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