Hi, I am Anca. I am a self-taught fine-art photographer with a deep interest in visual storytelling, self-portraiture, significant portraiture of couples and families. I discovered my love for photography and storytelling during my travels in China, Kenya and India. While being captivated by the beauty of these cultures, I wanted to encapsulate and take them back home with me. But above all, from the first time I picked up a camera I loved and adored photographing people. I was particularly drawn to human expressions and the person that is (or is becoming) through my eyes and my stories. When photographing someone, I always create a certain character, an atmosphere, a colour and a story using symbols to create significant portraiture. During the last 3 years, I focused on developing personal projects inspired by nature, friendship, spirituality and motherhood. Originally from Romania, I am currently living in Cyprus, together with my husband and our three children.


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This lesson was designed to be a journey of challenge to open your heart, to dig deep, cultivate your creative vision and artistry. By integrating storytelling techniques even before pressing the shutter, you will discover your visual language and understand the impact of your choices in your imagery. The meaning and the message that you create through storytelling is what will set you apart. 

This lesson will help you harness the power of setting a mood, expressing strong emotions, building a character by choosing the right colours to highlight meaning, using various textures and layers to define a painterly look, and using symbols and hidden meanings for a sense of deepness and continuity. The storytelling “layers” will make your image complex but also open for interpretation by viewers of all kind. A visual story is an act of co-creation where both the photographer and the character to be depicted give and receive at the same time. Join me as we will cultivate our inspiration for creative photography through daily simple exercises, discover and develop our visual language, and use symbols, layers and meanings to build a visual story.

9 years ago, a sling shot decision to get out of my comfort zone and move to a foreign country had a domino effect in my life. The new environment and being suddenly surrounded by creatives helped me unfold a new persona that was hiding in my heart. With basic skills in photography and photoshop I started bringing to life the visions that my heart was birthing. As a child I loved fairy tales and make believes and was expressing my creativity in writing. With my newfound passion and being an introvert, I plunged almost directly into self-portraiture. Finding my passion and talent was easy compared to identifying myself as an artist, but my friends and people who surrounded me showed me that being an artist should be acknowledged as part of my identity. Since then, I keep discovering the multi-layered concept of artist as it unfolds in my life.