Ebony Logins

Co-Founder of Call Me Artist Retreat

Instructor // Image Critique Panelist // Live Chat Host

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About Ebony

Ebony Logins is an outdoor wedding and adventure elopement photographer based in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada. There is a lot of greenery in her images, which usually take place in the forest, mountain, and ocean settings of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She focuses on providing her clients with a carefree and fun experience, while creating epic images and documenting real moments between couples and their guests. Her artwork has been featured in Click Magazine, the VOICE gallery, and the Sooke Fine Art Show. She has been a wedding photographer for 10 years and has taught photography in person and online for the past 5 years. 

Ebony Logins is a public servant, working as a member of city council for the District of Sooke and as a federal government employee. She also volunteers for her local Special Olympics as the Sport & Competition Coordinator. When she is not working at her various jobs, you'll find her hiking with her Bernedoodle named Baltimore (Balto), mountain biking, playing basketball, eating at a nice restaurant or cooking a new recipe, or having a beach fire at night. 


Posing Couples in a Natural Way at Any Type of Session

You will learn how to engage with your couples before and during a session so that they feel comfortable in front of the camera. Ebony will share tips on how to create a variety of moods in your images, such as laughter, joy, and passion. You will feel more prepared in your next shoot, no matter what kind of session the couple is in! 


Capture Your Next Wedding with Ease

If you've been thinking about dabbling in wedding photography, want to make the jump from second shooter to main photographer, or if your friend has just asked you to capture their wedding, this is a great intro course to get you started! You will feel more prepared going into your next wedding, and have lots of tools in your toolbox to make the day a big success. 

Image Critique Panelist

Ebony will be co-hosting an image critique panel with a group of photographers who will be critiquing participant images submitted to Call Me Artist.

Live Chat Host

Ebony will be hosting live chats with Call Me Artist participants.

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