Kellie Bieser

Instructor // Live Chat Host // Image Critique Panelist

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About Kellie

Kellie Bieser is a photographic artist specializing in child and family portraiture. Her own experience as a mother of five kids informs her choices behind the camera as she strives to capture the emotions and connections that make families so special.


An enthusiastic instructor, Kellie has had the honor of teaching all over the place and representing highly respected industry brands such as Nikon, Profoto, and Miller’s Professional Imaging. Nothing brings her quite as much joy as seeing fellow artists find their paths as photographers.


When she isn’t running through fields of wildflowers chasing people with her camera, you can find Kellie tending to her Ohio mini farm where she keeps a silly number of goats and chickens.

Kellie's Artistic Journey

I am so lucky to have been called an artist from a very young age. As I sat at my kitchen table scrawling out crayon drawings for my mom she would hang them on the refrigerator and call me her “little artist.” When I went to school and showed an enthusiasm for art, my teacher encouraged me to enter juried competitions and seek out opportunities to add depth to my art education outside of school. My work was framed in my home and I never wanted for tools or materials to create the art of my dreams. I was an artist and I was proud to carry that title.


But something strange happened as I got older. Suddenly “artist” was no longer practical. I found myself floundering as I tried to figure out a new title to give myself that would be more acceptable than the “artist” of my youth. Something where I could sit at a desk and get a regular paycheck with benefits. I was embarrassed to call myself an “artist” even as I sought refuge in creating art in my free time.


I don’t know if it is a rebellion in my old age or a gradual realization as I gain wisdom, but over the years I have circled back to wearing the badge of artist. My camera gave me the opportunity to capture my family’s memories and create a business capturing the memories of other families. The community of fellow photographers I have found in this industry have given me the bravery to pursue a creative life boldly and to call myself artist proudly.


Being an artist isn’t childish or reckless. Being an artist is who I am.


Life as Art: Infusing art into your everyday

The life of a creative can be exhausting. It is a constant dance of seeking inspiration and pouring it back into the world. If that dance isn’t balanced? We may just find ourselves in danger of burnout.


But I have great news! There are simple ways to add inspiration to even the most mundane activities of your daily life. When you approach getting dressed or cooking dinner as an opportunity to be inspired, you will begin to find that the art of life jumps out at you around every corner.


Art Inspired: How to take elements from classic art and translate them into your own style

As a forever student of art and history, I have spent the vast majority of my life obsessed with the artistic masters of the past. So it should be no surprise that as a photographer, elements of their work often find their way into my own creations.


But where do you even start in finding inspiration in art? Let’s explore together how to dive into art history and find pieces that speak to us. From there we will talk about color, light, and themes that can inform our own art and not only inspire us to create better individual photographs, but also give us a better foundation to create in the future. 

Live Chat Host

Kellie will be hosting a Live Chat for participants during the retreat!

Image Critique Panelist

Kellie will be joining a group of photographers who will be critiquing participant images submitted to Call Me Artist.