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My journey as an artist has been slow. I had no idea I was an artist for a long time. I loved being creative but most of what I created was expected and unoriginal. I have always had a love affair with photography but really thought as a woman that meant I either photographed families or weddings. Early on I decided weddings were not for me but I fell in love with families. Family photography is important and I love gifting clients with images to cherish. Even with something I loved I grew tired of the hoops I had to jump.  I feel into still life accidentally. Honestly I didn't realize it was a genre done by anyone but older women. I didn't follow any still life photographers so I grew through my own creative thoughts. I failed a lot but during this time I found my inner artist. I found a space I could own. I found a bold voice. I found a creative drive inspired by what I saw in front of me in the world. I am still learning and defining my voice. The biggest creative gift I have ever given myself is the time to wander without fences. 

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Still life is all around us. Photographing objects can be an artform all by itself and a great training tool to sharpen our photography eye. In this class we will discuss how light meets key design elements to heighten and enhance our compositions. Regardless of the objects you are inspired by or the way you interpret the world with your camera these design elements transcend style and remain constant in our all of work. Through still life you get to manipulate and control all of these elements to create beautiful images.


Imagine a world without social media, magazines, TV, or art galleries. Imagine it is just you creating out of your own head. What could that look like?  All of us are pressured by the influences around us, sometimes a little influence can open up a floodgate of creativity. But sometimes it can also hold us back. Being alone with our own creative process can lead to beautiful freedom. Freedom to have a strong individual voice that is 100% us. I love having the opportunity to share both my haphazard and intentional decisions to shooting authentically without fear. 


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