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Kirsty Larmour is a British lifestyle photographer based in India. She suffers from extreme wanderlust and is often found documenting the way kids see the world. She is known for taking photos of her daughters as they adventure through life (and temples, souks and rice paddies or over sand dunes) on their crazy travels.  Her approach to photography is to capture real life, in all it’s wonderful, messy, colourful glory, with a little sparkle on top fuelled by her obsession with pretty light. She has spent more than a decade capturing truthful, imperfect, life filled moments for families and commercial clients internationally and is the author of “Photography on the Fly” a guide to being intuitive in photography and life. She has been an educator for Nikon Middle East and mentors photographers across the world to nurture their own truths in the photographs they capture.

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Teaching: You and Your Older Child


A video lesson for parents whose children have passed the cute toddler stage. How do you enter the teenage years respectfully whilst still documenting your real life and all the wonderful quirks and changes that come with these rapidly developing years for your children?  How does your own style evolve and new ideas become incorporated with the changing times you are going through? How do you keep your passion for photography alive as your kids say no?  


This is a lesson very much based around a personal project Kirsty undertook with her then 12 year old daughter, documenting her 13th year. This is a year of such transformative change in the life of a girl, still a child yet on the cusp of womanhood. There are emotions, hormones, changes and feelings. And all these are common to those of us raising sons too. As documenters of life we want to capture this time respectfully and meaningfully as part of our family history.  Kirsty will explore topics including mindfully collaborating with your older kids and using photography as a means to strengthen your relationship.  She will discuss respect and boundaries and whether such a project should be public or private. Does something need to be seen to be valued? And finally, as the culmination of the project Kirsty will talk about pulling the images you’ve created together into a tangible memory as a memento of these times.