My Kiyah Crittendon founded Kiyah C Photography in 2014 as a photography experience rooted in a creative representation of the world and the beauty, truth, and people in it. Photography runs in Kiyah's blood, as her father and grandfather were both talented artists using black and white film. For her 16th birthday, Kiyah got her first DSLR and began honing in on her love for creating imagery with a sense of place and emotion, mainly of her friends, family, and the places she traveled. Since photographing her first wedding in 2014, Kiyah has been combining her true-to-life visual storytelling with her inviting personality for over 100 couples across the country while being based in both Atlanta and Washington DC. When she's not documenting weddings or working, she loves hosting game nights, eating ice cream, traveling the world, or enjoying time outdoors. 

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A live mentorship session focused on helping new and aspiring wedding photographers break into the wedding industry, book more weddings, and level up their career as wedding photographers. I'll share the ways in which I took my wedding photography business from a side hustle during college to a full-time, profitable business in less than 5 years. The session will include my story in all its ups and downs with no information held back as well as Q&A, an extensive list of business resources, & a portfolio and website review. Topics of discussion include pricing, branding, marketing, and more. Learning Objectives: 1. Understand the ins and outs of a wedding photography business 2. Create a marketing plan to book more wedding clients 3. Revamp your portfolio, website, and social media presence to lead to more wedding inquiries and bookings


A lesson focused on intentional uses of natural light, posing, and framing to compose unique portraits. I will walk through what I initially look for as I scout a location as well as my thought process as I'm actually shooting with my subjects. I will focus primarily on techniques that can be used in any natural light, at any location, and with any type of subject to transform your portraits from average to eye-catching and unique with a fine art feel. These techniques will include posing cues that bring out your subject's personality, using objects to artistically frame your subject, and maximizing the environment you're in no matter how big or small it may be or how much time you have to shoot.


Learning Objectives:

1. Create unique portraits in natural light.

2. Master framing techniques that transform portraits from average to eye-catching.

3. Pose and direct your subjects in ways that best bring out their personality.