Kristen Ryan is a fine art landscape photographer and educator.  Her spirit soars when she’s surrounded by nature and she’s inspired by amazing skies and gorgeous light.  Her heart lies in capturing the beauty of the world around us and the magic that happens when passionate nature photographers come together. Her Women’s Capture Magic Retreats are born from that passion. She believes women need to feed our desire to travel and create as well as connect with other like minded women. Capturing the magic of Mother Nature as you see it is an incredible feeling she loves to help others achieve through her teaching and mentoring. She leads the nature photography community Women Capture Magic and Capture Magic Retreats in the Tetons, Chicago & Banff. Her online landscape photography course, The World Around You, runs twice a year through Click Photo School. 

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This mini guide will give you all the information you need to get started with Astrophotography. Kristen will share with you all the necessary gear and preparation tips you need to be ready for your first astrophotography shoot. Then she will guide you through setting choices for aperture, ISO, shutter speed and white balance. Tips for focus and evaluating exposure will help you with troubleshooting and set you up for success. The guide will end with some tips for post processing your astrophotography images.

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