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Instructor // Image Critique Panelist

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About Kristin

Kristin Dokoza is a child and family photographer known for her unique abilities in capturing light and mood.  She is a contributor to Click magazine and a designated Click Mentor with Click & Company, an online community of over 2 million photographers. In addition to Click magazine, she has been widely featured on Let The Kids - a lifestyle blog of real moment photography, a highlight photographer for Canon, a teacher at Click Photo School, and a speaker at Click Away - an annual 3-day photographer conference.  In addition to her lifestyle photography, she also shoots for hotels and resorts. Kristin believes in the wonder of connection, laughter, and love in everyone. 


Ditch Your Comfort Zone

I love to discuss and inspire photographers to step out of their own way. To encourage you to explore beyond what is "correct" in composition or use of light. I feel passionate about this because I, myself, felt like I had to produce what images felt "safe". But, when I opened up and shared with artists outside of my safe place, I was so surprised that I was not alone, and that what I wanted to shoot (but never share) was actually pretty cool! Also by doing this, my photography absolutely grew and progressed. I find inspiration everywhere, because I let myself shoot what I feel inspired by! Not just what I do for a living, or by what I was becoming known for. This is what you will learn to do in this course. 


This course will help you feel supported in finding your own path. You will be given exercises to push past what you feel is safe - or what would be their first shot. I'm a big believer that you should not settle on that first shot. You will be given a set of tools that will help evaluate what you see in your own work, and what it is that you are drawn to - even if it is completely different from what you are photographing! 

Image Critique Panelist

Kristin is joining a panel of photographers who will be critiquing CMA participant images.