Leah jumped into photography as a 14-year old when she began hosting her own mail-in photo contests. She studied photography in college while working at a portrait studio chain and started her own wedding and portrait photography business. After 12 years in business she took a hiatus to recover from moving several times in a short period. During that time off she learned that she was smitten with creating still life and fine art portraits using Off-Camera-Flash. Now after 15 years as a working photographer, she has found her happy place combining art, photography, flowers and light to create painterly images. She has been featured in the Voice Gallery Collection and Click Magazine and runs her own OCF centered photography community, The Salted Collective.

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This class is for those interested in getting started with using OCF to create fine art children portraiture. I will walk you through the gear I use in creating a simple portrait using one (or two) lights. By the end of the class, attendees will know what gear is required and how to set it up for OCF. I will show you how to set up for my favorite light patterns


Taking one light, on-location is my favorite way to photograph my children and I can not wait to share my methods with you! In this course, I will show you the gear I recommend for on-location OCF photography. I will go through a basic set up and discuss how to use your shutter speed and aperture in order to create both natural and dramatic light as well as my easy method for merging long exposure images with my flash-lit environmental portraiture.

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