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About Lindsay

I’m Lindsay Saunders, the photographer behind Forest + Field Photography. I grew up way north in Alaska, on a hobby farm, where I still live with my partner and four children. Because I live in one of the harshest climates, I spend a lot of my time inside in the winter picking up hobbies and skills. I love drawing, painting, beading, gardening, baking, sewing, and photography. My current fun side project is finishing up and publishing my second children’s book. I received my BA in History and later received my Master’s in Secondary Education and being a teacher is my absolute passion. I especially love photography and teaching photography because I can meld a lot of my skills and projects with my photos while also capturing my children in the midst of it all. I am always excited to experiment with color theory and different compositions to tell a story in a creative way. 


The Ethereal Self

We all know self-portraits can feel daunting or unreasonable with littles in tow, but I am going to walk you through how I create my own portraits amidst the chaos. In this mini course, I will be centering focus on creating ethereal and vintage inspired self-portraits with your children. I will show how I efficiently and easily plan for and setup a self-portrait. I will give background on the choices I make throughout the process and explain the technicalities and creative motives I use to truly capture the intimacy of motherhood and childhood in a self-portrait. Along the way I will share a a few photography tricks and hacks that I use to create an ethereal and vintage inspired atmosphere. Lastly, I will walk students through how I color grade and edit, and add a bit of whimsy to my photographs to achieve the final vintage look that I aim for. 

A Study in Color: Creating Nostalgia with Color Theory

In this short lesson I will walk students through how I create nostalgic and whimsical photos of childhood with a strong focus on color theory. I will teach the technical aspects of setting up the shot (my gear, my settings, the behind the scenes) and I will share the inspiration to creation process with examples along the way. I will also share where you can find inspiration in times of ennui. I will explain how I effectively plan and move from inspiration to my creation with color choice, wardrobe, props, and the chosen setting. I will explain the technicalities of color theory (using analogous/complementary/monochromatic/tertiary colors in photography). Students will see how I edit from beginning to end, and I will share my tips and tricks for nailing an interesting composition for storytelling along the way.