Lisa is the grew up in a family that valued the telling of stories and history. As long as she can remember she was aware that there are deep and meaningful stories behind every face. Her passion for photography grew in the documenting of her own children’s lives and continued to develop as she cared for new families as a labor and delivery RN of 19 years. She has also worked with new families for over a decade as a newborn and family photographer. As an infant loss bereavement coordinator she also worked with families experiencing life’s toughest battles and again experienced the deeply impactful stories of the families she worked with. These worlds all came together to create the artist that she has become; one passionate about telling not only the beautiful stories, but stories as true to reality as she can. Since transitioning her business to that of a birth photographer/filmmaker over the past 3 years, she has gone on to instruct as an RN and birth photographer in The Birthbound Photographer community. When Lisa isn’t documenting birth she loves to travel wherever she can, run marathons, and read.

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Lisa believes there is no more powerful medium than video in telling stories. Its unique ability to capture emotion combined with audio leaves behind footage that brings back the emotions of the moment.

In this course you will be introduced to the power of storytelling through film making. You will learn how to set up your camera for recording video, how to choose the proper frame rate, recording audio, shooting steady footage, and bringing it all together for a beautifully created film. As video capabilities have continued to improve within DSLR cameras, so has the ability to create beautiful and professional films. This is a popular and growing field whether you are shooting personal or client films.


In this course Lisa will delve into the unique and emotionally charged genre of birth photography. She will guide you through her experiences and knowledge of the birth industry and the important tools you will need to confidently document this genre. You’ll learn the importance of pricing, how to build your portfolio, connect with and form important relationships within the birth community, as well as the importance of storytelling in birth. As this field of documentary photography continues to grow in popularity, the importance of photographers well prepared to enter the birth space is vital, and this course will help step you forward in this direction.

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