Mandalyn Gilles is an American photographer and academic who currently happens to be living on the island of Sicily, Italy with her husband and two Boston Terriers, Birdee and Chalupa.  Inspired by the world around her, she specializes in travel photography but is also very passionate about street, landscape, and environmental photography. Mandalyn spends as much time as possible devouring all the gelato, pasta, and pizza as she can while seeking out the next amazing adventure.


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BRINGING THE VACATION HOME: Travel Photography Tips for Your Next Adventure

Have you ever brought your camera along on a travel trip and realized that photographing your own travels was quite different than how normally you shoot? Travel photography is essentially a combination of landscape, portrait, and street photography and most photographers feel ill equipped to balance their camera and travel itineraries at the same time. Join Mandalyn Gilles as she shares her tips for travel photography, discusses the elements that go into capturing a sense of place, photographing people in public spaces, and capturing landscape or cityscape scenes.  Follow along as she presents her personal approach to photographing travel while still being present and not being stressed about “getting the shot” while juggling reservations and luggage.