Hey, I’m Shell! I’m a mama to three beautiful boys. The wife to one generous man. I am a lover of music, with the heart of a wanderer, but feet firmly rooted in Nova Scotia's valley floor. I border on dangerously obsessed with coffee and cameras. I really couldn’t live a day without either. 13 years ago I got my first “big girl camera” and began documenting my own little world. It didn’t take me long to realize that freezing moments, that leave all too soon, was so important. We have so many first and last times. I don’t want to miss any of them. I want my legacy to be the gift of a life in photos for my family. My heart beats for documentary. Capturing things as they are. I am not interested in perfection or being like anyone else. I used to think I had to name the style of my work, make everything look the same, and shove myself into a tiny box. I’ve spent the last couple of years on a journey to unlearn all of that and have fallen more in love with photography than I ever thought possible.

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Let's take some time to unlearn, to dig deep, and really find YOUR voice within your work. Let's unpack all the rules that you have learned over the years and see where you can bend them to show your truest self and find the artist that lives in you. In this lesson Michelle will take you back to her beginning and through the journey of finding herself though imagery. Finding a voice that is hers, that is true and honest in her story. She will help you realize that creating for yourself can be the most beautiful gift of grace. That allowing your photography to develop naturally and quieting the voices can help you reach an authentic, and comforting space to create. We'll also talk about how adding self portraiture to your work can lead to a deeper understanding of who you are, of self care, and create a legacy for those you love.

Fall in love with yourself, fall in love with your life, your mind and what it can create. You didn't pick up that heavy piece of plastic for nothing, you felt called to it.  Don't worry about the "likes". Don't worry if the social media world doesn't validate you. Just be you. Did you hear me? Do it all, but just be you!

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