I’m a wife, mom to a 7-year old girl, finance professional and natural light photographer based in Long Island, New York. I have a master’s degree in corporate finance, work full-time during the week in NYC for a media company and work on my photography when I have down time and on the weekends; photography is my love and escape. I take clients on a part-time basis. I’m a very buy person and yet do not drink any coffee! I could live instead on lemonade and avocados!


I’m originally from the island of Haiti and was lucky to have been introduced at an early age to traveling. I speak fluent Creole, French, English and a bit of Spanish. I enjoy traveling, discovering new places and cultures. My love for photography started during my travels, and grew when I had my daughter. Today, I photograph for storytelling and memory keeping. 


I’m a proud Click Pro with Clickin Moms where I moderate their IG account, and an Expert Artist with Unraveled Academy where I prepared a class on Childhood. I was a 2019 Voice winner and was published in Click Magazine. I also proudly moderate a new IG hub called Blacktograph(HER) where we showcase the work of Black Women photographers.


Learn the basics about using a Lensbaby lens, from shooting with a manual lens, focusing, tilting and using a LB lens for portraits, storytelling or nature.

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