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About Nana

My Name is Nana Frimpong Oduro. Born and raised in Ghana, Accra. I am 26 years of age. Growing up the thing that I found myself doing often and loved so much was creating art. So it was hard to identify myself with anything. I am an artist who expresses his art through the use of a camera, Photoshop and Lightroom. I started creating my art with a phone and that was the magical part. Because even though I thought it was restricting it actually helped me creatively and learn how to use what I have at the moment to start my journey. My art is basically a projection of me which is; my emotions , my thoughts, my past , present and future also what ever I have learnt or observed in my walk on earth.


Using Your Phone to Communicate Emotion through Self Portraits

This course is about the process of creating self portraits that communicate emotions. Attendees will learn how to take compelling and emotional self-portrait images with their phones.