Sarah lives in Rochester, Minnesota with her husband, son and a few furry kids. She is a natural light photographer who uses dark and light contrasts to create depth. Sarah is drawn to environmental portraiture, lifestyle photography, fine art, nature and loves layering color and tones to create soft transitions in her imagery. Sarah is attracted to the light, which was used by painters of the golden age. Her passion for painting and drawing was discovered in photography. You can find how she captures her daily life via her Instagram account. In 2017 she became a Click Pro and in 2018 a Click & Company mentor and instructor. In the spring of 2019, Sarah released her first eBook: The Art of The Photograph. Currently, Sarah is working on developing a workshop in collaboration with Click Photo School that will be released May 2020. Sarah recently became a Beauty Revived photographer, an organization that empowers women and has been published in the 2018 50 Deserving Moms Campaign Magazine.

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Seeing The Unseen: A Nature Macro Photography Workshop with Sarah Gupta. Join Sarah Gupta as you discover together all the beauty that you are passing by. Sarah's work examines how you can translate a story to the viewer with various elements in the frame combined with beautiful light. Students will explore macro environments in their everyday life with just one lens and no props. Learn how to create compelling compositions that pull the viewer in. Students will throw out all the conventional learning methods for photography and embrace the unfocused moment while exploring their creativity. This course is suited for all levels of photography but is preferred to have an understanding of exposure and how to operate their camera in manual mode. Sarah will be providing an in depth PDF of 50+ pages along with a shooting demonstration video and editing tutorial.