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This masterclass will cover the importance of inclusion and the role of individuals in the social environments they occupy.


You will learn how to:

  • Clearly define core values for yourself and the benefit you bring to the social environments you participate in.

  • Identify and disrupt bias on personal, professional, and community levels.

  • Create personal mission, vision, and philosophy statements to remain accountable to your role in creating inclusive social environments.

You will be given worksheets to help you define core values and create personal philosophy statements to refer back to so you can get into the practice of honoring your values and commitments to the communities and social environments you participate in.


Jyo is a self-proclaimed light nerd and loves getting creative with light in her work. In fact, she loves using all kinds of light in her work and doesn't restrict herself to using one kind of light in her work. Dramatic light is one of her favorite kinds of light and she loves creating dramatic portraits using natural as well as artificial light when she can. In this video demo; she'll be sharing how she uses her OCF to create dramatic portraits right from her garage! She'll be showing how easy her one light setup is and that you don't need a fancy studio to create some lovely portraits! She'll also share how she gets creative with them using her Lensbaby filters. 


In this presentation, Jeff will teach you ten concepts that guide his approach to light and shadow street photography. You will learn the conditions, locations, and camera settings needed for taking bold, light, and shadow street photographs in public spaces. Jeff will show you ways you can include contrast, scale, geometry, and minimalism in your photographs while excluding distractions and clutter from your frames.


This presentation will also teach you strategies to photograph scenes candidly without disturbing the unfolding moments taking place in front of you. The concepts and techniques you will learn in this guide will push your creativity to new levels and help you to explore harsh light and deep shadows in your next photography project. 


The life of a creative can be exhausting. It is a constant dance of seeking inspiration and pouring it back into the world. If that dance isn’t balanced? We may just find ourselves in danger of burnout.


But I have great news! There are simple ways to add inspiration to even the most mundane activities of your daily life. When you approach getting dressed or cooking dinner as an opportunity to be inspired, you will begin to find that the art of life jumps out at you around every corner.


As a forever student of art and history, I have spent the vast majority of my life obsessed with the artistic masters of the past. So it should be no surprise that as a photographer, elements of their work often find their way into my own creations.


But where do you even start in finding inspiration in art? Let’s explore together how to dive into art history and find pieces that speak to us. From there we will talk about color, light, and themes that can inform our own art and not only inspire us to create better individual photographs, but also give us a better foundation to create in the future. 


Students will learn best practices in capturing individual flower portraits including how to use natural light, choosing backgrounds, composition choices, focus placement and how to use blur to add to the stories they are telling about their subjects. Kathleen will provide the information and techniques needed in creating less literal, more imaginative flower photographs.


For her course, Meg is teaming up with Katrin Eismann, Adobe Lightroom Product Manager for Ideas & Inspiration, to demonstrate the top reasons she uses Lightroom as an integral part of her editing workflow. 


This course is about the process of creating self portraits that communicate emotions. Attendees will learn how to take compelling and emotional self-portrait images with their phones.


Food photography can be intimidating and overwhelming, in this course I will break down the process of food photography into easy steps. It all starts with storytelling and a vision. Followed by choices of composition, props, color, backdrop, light, shadow, human elements, and much more. Layering is an important concept in food photography, the more layers we add the more complex and intriguing the end result will be, but sometimes we can go minimalistic and that could be equally intriguing. When to make what choices and how to tie it all to the story. 

How to narrate the story with light, and how to make choices of aperture and shutter speed. Make conscious choices to bring the story to life. In food photography, unlike other genres, we can control everything on the set, starting from light to every aspect of the composition, angels, and framing. That makes it complex but at the same time there are no un-knows - everything is in the hand of the stylist/photographer and their vision.


This course is the foundation or starting point. From here you can explore the world of food and still life photography and find your own voice.


Creativity. We all have it, but sometimes we don't know where to find it. In this class, we will talk about what creativity is, how to harness it, and how to make it a part of your day to day. We will talk about the process of creative practice. We will talk about how to generate ideas, fear, overcoming self doubt, finding your tribe, creative problem solving, and making creativity a daily habit.


The class will talk about the process of making images over the final outcome and why we should make “ bad images" to help us push through our creative ruts. Students will walk away feeling inspired and have an outline as to how to implement their personal creative practice.


I love to discuss and inspire photographers to step out of their own way. To encourage you to explore beyond what is "correct" in composition or use of light. I feel passionate about this because I, myself, felt like I had to produce what images felt "safe". But, when I opened up and shared with artists outside of my safe place, I was so surprised that I was not alone, and that what I wanted to shoot (but never share) was actually pretty cool! Also by doing this, my photography absolutely grew and progressed. I find inspiration everywhere, because I let myself shoot what I feel inspired by! Not just what I do for a living, or by what I was becoming known for. This is what you will learn to do in this course. 


This course will help you feel supported in finding your own path. You will be given exercises to push past what you feel is safe - or what would be their first shot. I'm a big believer that you should not settle on that first shot. You will be given a set of tools that will help evaluate what you see in your own work, and what it is that you are drawn to - even if it is completely different from what you are photographing! 


A course created for photographers looking to document families in a more authentic way… capturing a season of life, a milestone or a families everyday normal… how to go about capturing real emotions, everyday details and the joys of childhood with your clients. 


How to stay authentic when capturing your children’s real life memories using lifestyle and documentary inspired photography. How to look for and create storytelling images while in the moment.


Editing on your iPad can give you so much freedom. Learn how to use advanced editing techniques like frequency separation, from a professional retoucher. 

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