Sherida is an award winning lifestyle photographer living in Sooke, B.C Canada with her husband and four children. Her photography journey started when she was a young girl using both her point and shoot and polaroid cameras. Eventually she learned how to snap pictures manually using her mothers Pentax and started developing her own prints. These days, Sherida is using a Nikon D750 with her 35mm 1.4 Nikkor lens rarely leaving her camera body. She shoots maternity, birth, newborn and families and adores golden sunsets, warm images and earth tones. Sherida is inspired by motherhood and believes there is power in vulnerability. Whether she is shooting the raw truth of motherhood or a mom in a pretty dress with a sunset, she hopes that mothers worldwide feel the connection we have to one another. Sherida is a ClickPro at Clickin Moms, Offset Artist and a volunteer photographer with Spectrum Inspired, which is a non profit organization that gives free sessions to families touched by autism.

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Capturing an image is just the beginning. Join Sherida as she takes you through her editing process. She will share tips and tricks she often uses when editing golden hour, overcast and indoor images. I’m confident that after you finish this course, Sherida will have given you more than enough insight to help you achieve images you love.