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Hello there, Theodora is my name. Born in Ghana, raised in Italy and currently living in Canada. I’m a self-taught fine art photographer who is drawn to the light in the darkness and vibrant colors. I fell in love with photography more than two decades ago, when at the tender age of thirteen I became the photo developer (developing film) in a photo-optics shop in Italy. I spent my first paycheck on my very own first film camera: Rollei compact and a cassette Walkman. People have observed that my photography invites them to meditation and reflection. They say it is profound, spiritual, playful and colorful. I have to admit that my faith has a strong role in most of what I capture. I want to glorify God through my creativity because it’s a passion He has instilled in me to find hope in the dark moments of life. I would anyone viewing my work to focus on the light in the darkness because that light represents Lord Jesus, my Savior. I don’t want my work to be seen as self-glorification, because my portraits are a way to thank God to still be alive. 

I’m a Click Pro with Clickin Moms. I’m the host of the Let’s Click 52 community, this is a community for women who are seeking to improve their photography by gently challenging themselves with a weekly theme. I love connecting on IG, travelling, Christ, photography and diverse cultures. 

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Learn from THEODORA


Let’s train our eyes to see light in the darkness. In this course with Theodora you will learn how to observe the light around you. You will discover different ways to get inspired to capture more self-portraits. The course will conclude with Theodora editing her work to create her artistic signature. The student will learn how to edit any photo to create the dramatic shadow and light effect found in her work.