Ty Pentecost is a classic fine art film photographer located in the Bay Area who also travels throughout the United States.  She is an educator and mentor who has taught photography related classes at:

Stanford University
M Harris Wedding Education
Bokeh Podcast Working Wednesdays
The Photo Cookout
The Tomayia Colvin Online Education Platform
The Vision Conference

Swoon Wedding Workshops

Tyrenda runs an online education academy for photographers who are looking to learn film and digital photography basics.  She has also previously educated onboarding employees at eBay Inc.  Having worked for a fortune 500 company as a learning and development specialist, Tyrenda understands the importance of developing learning content to create real change management and tangible learning outcomes. Her educator style is friendly and warm, which is why she has thrived with new photographers that may need a softer touch. In addition, her transparent nature and relatable personality have left her with positive feedback across the different education platforms she has taught on.  Tyrenda has enjoyed serving the photography industry as a photographer and educator over the past seven years.

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Editing darker skin tones can be challenging when you are trying to maintain your artistic style. Whether you are light and airy, dark and moody or rich and vibrant, the editing really does start in camera. Ty will take you through from start to finish how to photograph and edit darker skin tones with her light & airy style.

After this class you should feel confidant:

- Photographing darker skinned clients on location to set yourself up for editing success

- Post processing skin tones even with popular film presets

- Using your HSL sliders to ensure skin tones reflect clients true color