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Hi, I am Vidya. I am a food and product photographer living in London. After doing street and travel photography for a few years, I got into food photography since 2019.

I initially started on a project 365, with an intention to try a new thing every day. A few weeks into it, I ran out of ideas. Then stumbled upon the idea of food photography, and it turned out to be the perfect niche for me. As there have been endless photo subjects to capture in my kitchen on any given day.

It was a bit frustrating trying to learn food photography, as everything I read online seemed to have been shot with flash and with many elements in the frame. That did not fit into my idea of food photography being minimal and clean. I then decided to try and learn from my own ways and discover my own unique style in the process.

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This course is all about ​capturing food and achieving minimalism in food photography with basic equipment using natural lighting a bright and airy style. We will cover:

- Why minimalism and how to apply it to food photography

- Finding inspiration: choosing your subject

- Planning: when and how to use natural light in an indoor setting

- Gear & Props: basic equipment and props required

- Composition and styling

- How I shoot: A brief walk through of my setup

- Multiple ways to capture food: Geometry, patterns, textures, details, depth, light

- Editing in Lightroom: basic edits to achieve the bright and airy style


This course is designed for beginner to intermediate level photographers. Helps in learning a few essential techniques to capture professional looking images for your website or blog, or to achieve a cleaner Instagram feed.


Basic knowledge of photography aspects and camera settings is assumed for the participants, as these things will not be explained in detail during the course.

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